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Of all the many topics we covered throughout this semester, it’s hard to narrow it down to a single one that affected me the most. There were definitely themes that we talked about that came up in every single case study, and pretty much changed how I look at everything going on in our world … Continue reading »

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Activity Blog: Spotsy Farmers Market

As the weather finally starts getting warmer, one of my favorite things about spring and summer is finally back; farmers markets. I’ve been able to visit the one located right downtown in Hurkamp park a few times, but that was pretty much all I had been to. Our section in class on supporting local vendors … Continue reading »

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Down Under Becomes More Dangerous

When first thinking about Australia, what typically comes to mind is the strange and unusual wildlife unique to the country. From what we discussed in class, the venomous animals and large insects are by far your least concern compared to the intense heat waves that have been hitting the country hard. The record temperatures of … Continue reading »

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Biopesticides vs. Chemicals

I’ve never been that interested in agriculture, but out discussions this past week totally changed my outlook. From discovering the lasting impacts that pesticides have in our health to the limitations that sustainable farming techniques face, this issue has turned into something that I continue to look for new information on. Also I don’t know … Continue reading »

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Sustainable Palm Oil: Is It Possible

Prior to our discussions in class, I honestly had no idea just how controversial this issue really was. I had a vague idea that it was used in many of our products, but not nearly as much as it actually is. Widespread, and seemingly eco-friendly, the high demand has turned the production of this commodity … Continue reading »

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Collapse of Modern Society?

These past few discussion in class on the collapse of complex societies really made me look at the realities that face our present day world. There has been a lot of blame of technology, and people saying we are too dependent on it. Some people even think that without it, our modern world would collapse … Continue reading »

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Warning of the Statues

When I first learned about Easter Island years ago, it stuck in my mind as it has in most who have learned of its story. Its isolation, mystery, and of course the towering stone monuments to a civilization long gone all contributed to its appeal. The wildness of the original theories about the moai statues … Continue reading »

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This was taken in Costa Rica on a trip with my family a few years ago, and it was really where my interest in environmental issues started. After visiting a research station called La Selva and talking to the students there, I learned more about the sustainable development all around the country. I’m taking this … Continue reading »

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